We bought a house now what?

At the time my response was simple, we go room by room and renovate it.  We design each space according to our dreams and desires, but do it room by room.  This way we are able to live in the house during the renovation and have the opportunity to take our time building our dream.

Now of course that was the fantasy.  The reality was that shortly after we moved in we began to discover water leaking into the basement, mechanical equipment began breaking down, appliances going out, walls out of plumb, electrical nightmares covered up, idiotic (zero reason) soffits that revealed more nightmares, and not to mention the whole room to room theory going out the door like a 16 year old who just received their license.

Now I knew what I was in for when we purchased this house.  It was a DIY dream come true for a guy like me and for someone as talented as my wife when it comes to designing and decorating rooms, this was a great opportunity.  Little did my wife know that each project would present a new challenge, both physically and mentally.  Kitchen cabinets would be stacked in various other rooms.  We brought new meaning to family dinner.  We found new and creative ways to wash the dishes.  And my personal favorite being that cereal always tasted like drywall dust. 😀

So my point, we are just like every other homeowner that finally ran from the renting game and decided to purchase a home.  A purchase that comes with just as many headaches as the purchasing process.  Would I change my decision to purchase now knowing what I know?  Absolutely not.  Would I approach things differently as far as schedules and prioritizing projects, absolutely yes!

This will be our 5th year in this house and after countless renovation projects and various new builds, I plan to finally start sharing our progress.  There is no production crew, no smoke and mirrors, no expensive contractors involved, just two small town people displaying good ole fashioned hard work, sweat, tears, cuts, bruises, and laughs….all while occasionally dancing to Pitbull. 🙂  So over the next few days I plan to showcase a before and after of a project we accomplished.  Enjoy –

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