Design Process


If you are interested in having a project made, where do you go from here?

1) Lets start at the beginning . First send me an e-mail at to see if I can make the type of item you’re looking for. (If it’s made from wood, then most likely I can make it).

2) After the e-mail, we can talk via phone more about the design, including measurements, species of wood, finish, area the project will be used in, type of hardware, and more.
This is accomplished by one or more of the following:

• a sketch drawn by you (it doesn’t have to be a perfect drawing, we will get the idea)

• a verbal description

• a photo from a book or magazine

• a viewing of the actual piece of furniture to be duplicated

• a visit to the location where the furniture is to be placed or built-in

• a sketch or computer rendering by us

• a model of your project (at additional cost)

3) After all design elements are completed, then I will give you a firm estimate of cost and time necessary to start and finish your project.

4) If after cost and time considerations you are ready to start your project, a 50% or larger deposit will be required and a starting date set, subject to completion of projects already on our schedule prior to receiving your deposit.

5) Item is completed and picked up at the shop or delivered according to our agreement at time of receipt of deposit.

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