Laundry Room Converted to Mud Room

This was one of my favorite projects to date.  When I first walked this house prior to purchasing, I saw a lot of potential and opportunity to upgrade in ways that would add value.  This space is located directly off of the garage and used to be a laundry room that also had a utility sink installed.  I think mud rooms add a lot of value to homes, as well as serve a greater purpose; especially when you have messy children.  So, I made a deal with my wife that we would pay for kitchen cabinets, but I wanted to make my own cabinets for the mud room.  I purchased a dado set for my table saw and began laying out the design.  The entire project was so much fun and I even took a swing at raised panel doors.  The best part was that I used the dado set to cut the rails and stiles.  Used a router to give the inside edge a profile.  To cut the raised panel, I set the table saw up at 15 degrees tilt and then cut in 1/4″.  Of course experience and several test angles were cut before actually making a finished panel, but overall I love how they turned out.  Not to mention I feel that they really match well based off of the shaker style design.  Hope you enjoy.  Happy DIYing!  #wood #woodworking #DIY #mudroom #renovation #rigidpowertools #TEAMrigid #smalltownindiana 


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