Chicken Coop

It has been awhile since my last project. Needless to say I am getting wood worker fever – if there is such a thing? So, to get back in the mix I decided it was time to tackle a new project. This year we decided that we are going to raise chickens for eggs and poultry. So, I decided to build a chicken coop that would be large enough to hold 30-40 chickens. “The Coop de Hilton” is what we call it. Anyway, I researched the internet quite a bit and saw some pretty fancy designs, but in the end I decided to just go with this layout. I did not use any plans or drawings, pretty much just drew something up according to the yard and where the sun rose & set with regards to the windows. My wife was able to round up all of the recycled lumber from a haunted house that no longer wanted the wood, which is why you see the various colors & blood splatter…haha! The structure was pretty much free, which would have probably cost $500-600 in lumber & windows alone. The only added costs were the roofing materials, siding and 1×4’s used to frame out the nesting boxes and storage doors. Other hidden costs fell under chicken wire for the inside windows, block and pulley for the door to let chickens out and the 4×4 posts and wire that I will use to make their run (not seen in photo yet because ground is frozen). All in all, a very fun and exciting project to watch come to life, but very glad I am pretty much done. Thankfully the only thing I have left is to install some metal fascia and of course install the posts and wire. Oh & I am going to put a cupola on the roof as well, which you can see the start of it already. Thanks for looking. Happy wood working.

So we started with a simple foundation and decking. Yes, that is me sharpening away at a carpenters pencil getting ready to start laying out walls.












Here are the walls being framed out.

74772_10151119554586805_1383440539_n 16041_10151119554621805_2069151652_n








Here is the structure after plywood sheeting and weather wrap.

156914_10151123862001805_1173467199_n 251044_10151129943806805_600307662_n











Here I have added the siding, roofing and now it is time to start putting the finishing touches on the doors.









Here is the final result.

774288_10151183137426805_1650627454_o 775227_10151183138161805_370594351_o 736430_10151183137691805_1534235822_o 775139_10200418223887985_811264422_o

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