Cribbage Board

The last couple of weeks I started building a cribbage board for a client. I will be the first to admit that I had no clue what cribbage was, let alone what this board was supposed to look like. In all honesty I thought it was something out of Harry Potter – LOL!

The build was special order and quite unique. The clients wife is a musician and she plays the flute. There were a couple of requests from the client. First, the cribbage board itself would some how need the flute in-layed into the board and then the second and most important detail was that the board itself needed to fit inside the hard case.

We decided to use a curly maple stock with a mahogany border. This project was a challenge I tell ya, but being the perfectionist I am I think the board turned out amazing. I ended up using a light tan stain with poly to really bring out the tiger stripes in the curly maple wood.

All in all as I mentioned, this project was a challenge and a real treat to build. I am always fascinated at the unique projects that come across my work shop. I truly love this hobby. Hop eyou enjoy the pictures from the build. Cheers from Indiana…and GO IU!

20130318-194007.jpg  893789_10151293356606805_713074536_o 893281_10151293356966805_1041189380_o 882790_10151293357276805_677336297_o 417409_10151287596031805_1613237894_n 602172_10151287596241805_896598591_n 577590_10151309010506805_1962666637_n 526532_10151309010311805_1452850855_n 164278_10151309010116805_2055968957_n

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