Entertainment Center

So after months and months of deliberating back and forth about whether to buy a new TV, my wife & I finally decided to pull the trigger and purchase a 55” flat screen TV with a stand. With that being said, new purchases for a woodworker usually means a legitimate reason to build something to go along with it, right? Hahaha!! Well, long story short, the current TV stand we have will not hold a 55” TV so here is the result. The project is all top-quality pine, which I am actually happy with. I was going to use maple, but for some reason the lumber I found for this project really was nice – given that it was pine. Normally with pine, you get what you pay for and then some. Anyway, I started with the frame and used mainly pocket-hole construction. I have adjustable shelves on each side, that have glass doors. The two middle drawers will be mainly for DVD’s and misc. audio/visual cords and what not. The glass doors are half-lap joints with wooden dowel inserts for extra support. The top itself is three boards glues and clamped together and then trimmed with a 1×3 with 45 degree corners. The legs are a decorative design I used from a Popular Woodworking magazine edition. I also trimmer the top of the cabinet out with some crown molding for a nice look. The hardware is brushed aluminum and I will be staining it with a red mahogany stain (final pic to come once it is complete). Overall dimensions are 65 L x 29 H x 25 D. I hope you all like it. It is one of the best projects I have constructed yet. Enjoy-


302702 302703














302700 574780_10150671649021805_154203445_n










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