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Fancy a game of cribbage?

So the last couple of weeks I have started building a cribbage board for a client. I will be the first to admit that I had no clue what cribbage was, let alone what this board looks like. In all honesty I thought it was something out of Harry Potter – LOL!

The build was special order and quite unique. The clients wife is a musician and she plays the flute. The cribbage board itself would some how need the flute in the board and the most important detail is that the board needs to fit inside the hard case.

We decided to use a curly maple stock with a mahogany border. So far the project has been a challenge, but being the perfectionist I am the board has turned out amazing. I ended up using a light tan stain with poly to really bring out the tiger stripes in the curly maple wood.

All in all this project was a challenge and a real treat to build. I am always fascinated at the unique projects that come across my work shop. I truly love this hobby. 🙂

Here are the pictures from the build. Finished product yet to come – awaiting last coat of stain.






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